Aerial Photography

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Manhattan 1


Drones have more uses than you realize

For real estate agents, drone photography can show potential buyers a variety of details, including:

  • Encompassing aerial views of the entire property and land
  • Confirming condition of the roof and other property features that are difficult to access
  • What the drive home or the kids’ walk to school looks like
  • The neighborhood and surrounding area, including the home’s proximity to amenities
  • Civic developments or local improvement districts that the buyer’s property taxes might contribute to
  • Prospective buyers can take in the “big picture,” seeing all of the home exterior features in one glance.

Give Buyers A Birds-Eye View Of Their (Future) Home

When people can get online and see a home, the neighborhood it’s in and surrounding area, the yard and front door – before they even see it in person, they get a chance to really get excited about the property. We enable you to get your prospects the most immersive viewing experience possible.

Tour Shots makes selling homes a downhill ride, rather than an uphill hike.

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And get this: 73% of home-owners are more likely to list with an agent who uses drone

So not only will you be attracting more buyers for your listings, you will also be attracting more sellers who need you to find them great buyers. Having drone video improves your business without having to lift a finger.

Next Day Delivery

Along with interior photos and floor plans, drone photos are delivered to the client the next business day

High Quality

Latest drone technology guarantees the highest quality images. Don’t settle for less than the best

Elevate Your Listings

Aerial photos will deliver an unqualified edge in any new listing, or go a long way to revive listings that need freshening up