Virtual Staging

Hollywood-Grade CGI Meet Real Estate

Turn An Idea Into Reality

Home staging is vital for any successful listing. A well-staged home removes any doubt that about the home’s ability to function well for a buyer’s lifestyle. For the not-so-visual buyers, staging gives the space character and purpose without spending money on live staging.

Virtual staging is especially great for condos, rentals or multi-unit properties. Instead of spending days unloading and loading trucks of furniture, all you have to do is let us know how many rooms you’d like staged and what furniture you like and it’s done within a matter of days: no heavy lifting required.

A Powerful Digital Marketing Tool

With the vast majority of home searches beginning online, displaying visually-compelling listings is crucial to attract and retain the interest of buyers. Virtual staging allows you to showcase individual rooms at their highest potential.

Virtual Staging Virtual Staging

Cost Effective

Compared to traditional home staging, virtual staging can achieve the same effect at a fraction of the cost. Avoid drawn-out and expensive furniture rentals and the headache of maintaining the property while it’s on the market.

How Does The Process Work?

  • Choose The Photos You Want Staged. We photograph your listing like we normally would. You will then be able to choose photos of the shots you want to be virtually staged from your regular photography session.
  • Virtually Stage Your Property. Our team of designers will virtually stage your photo to your satisfaction. Our editors have years of experience creating beautifully staged interiors.
  • Finalization and Delivery. Once the virtual staging process is completed we will send you a link with all your photos ready to be used for marketing materials. Please allow 2 days for the creation of your virtually staged images.
  • Legal Note. When showing off virtually staged photos, agents should disclose that the renderings are edited photos and are for artistic/demonstrative purposes only.

Virtual Staging for Real Estate

Traditional home staging is labor-intensive, time-consuming, and typically very expensive. As an agent, if staging one or more vacant properties isn’t in your budget, virtual staging offers several of the same benefits for a fraction of the cost. This tool provides a cost-effective way for brokers and agents to maximize the value of vacant listings with a click of a button. 

Rather than spending several thousand dollars to physically stage a home, many industry professionals are choosing to go virtual for under $300 a listing. Our virtual staging services deliver incredible benefits for 8-10% of the cost of traditional home staging. Want to leave physical copies of the staged photos at the property for buyers when they tour? We’ll supply you with high-res photos that help your clients visualize the potential of your listing.