Floor Plans

Advanced Floor Plan Example

Detailed Floor Plans

Help buyers visualize the layout of their next home

Don’t expect your buyers to be able to recall the layouts of all 15 homes they toured over the weekend. Provide detailed floor plans so buyers can revisit the home and understand the dimensions of the space. Give out-of-town or overseas buyers a way to easily see the home’s layout in reference to your beautiful photos.

We offer the choice of two different floor plans, depending on which package you choose

Basic Floor Plan

Measurement accuracy at 97%
*offered in the Essential Tour package

iGuide Advanced Floor Plan

Measurement accuracy at 99%+
*offered in the Plus and Premier packages

Next Day Delivery

Along with interior and drone photos, floor plans are generally delivered to the client the next business day


Depending on which measurement system is used, accuracy at either 97% or 99% plus can be achieved

Included In All Plans

We provide floor plans and measurements as standard in all of our packages.