Virtual Renovations

Virtual Renovations Virtual Renovations

Grow With Technology

Turn An Idea Into Reality

Virtual renovation and remodeling helps you reimagine the property and renovate it end-to-end but without the time and resource investment that a real-world renovation would need.

The virtual renovation and remodeling process covers updates to structural elements such as flooring, walls, paint changes, kitchen remodels, drywall or ceiling updates, backyard improvements and more.

Virtual Renovation Virtual Renovation

Virtual Bathrooms

That bathroom in your 1970’s Rutland bi-level listing not convincing? A perfectly designed and functional bathroom plays a big role in helping a buyer visualize the property as their next home. Jazz it up virtually and see what works best in the available space.

Virtual Renovation Virtual Renovation

Virtual Kitchens

The heart of the home, take advantage of the opportunity to declutter and restyle the kitchen to attract more buyers. A clean kitchen with modern styling will help a buyer imagine spending time with their family, cooking, eating and bonding in the central room of the home.

Virtual Renovation Virtual Renovation

Virtual Back Yards

Showcase your property with beautiful landscaping. Help them fall in love with a property by presenting options and get them thinking. Dead grass not selling? Easily swap in some fresh new green stuff and take your listing up a notch!

Virtual Renovation Virtual Renovation

Virtual Pools

Selling a home with a pool sized yard? Add a fabulous pool to grab attention and excite the potential buyer. Let clients see with their own eyes what the options can look like. Helping clients consider the finished look helps them to make decisions faster when trying to decide what to buy.

Virtual Renovation Virtual Renovation

Virtual Basements

Listing a home with an unfinished basement? Take the guesswork out of what it would look like completely finished. Virtual staging allows you to showcase individual rooms at their highest potential. Add a basement suit, a play room for the kids, or entice the male buyer with a man cave.

Virtual Landscaping

Curb appeal! Arguably one of the most important aspects of listing a property. Sometimes we don’t always have the luxury to wait for grass to grow. Virtual Landscaping can help potential buyers realize the potential of your listing. Good option for new construction or properties that have untapped potential.

How Does The Process Work?

  • Choose The Photos You Want Edited. We photograph the property completely as-is. You don’t need to lift a finger. You will then be able to choose photos of the rooms you want for your virtual renovation from your regular photography session.
  • Virtual Renovation Application. This is a two step process. Firstly, our expert editors digitally declutter the pictures, creating a pristine canvas for to work. Next, our talented artists work their magic, transforming the space into a captivating vision of its full potential. With our virtual renovations service, you can showcase properties in their best light, impressing clients, and accelerating sales like never before.
  • Finalization and Delivery. Once the process is completed we will send you a link with all your photos ready to be used for marketing materials. Please allow 2 days for the creation of your virtually renovated images.
  • Please Note. There are some limitations with what our editors can do when it comes to Virtual Renovations. For example, they can’t virtually knock down walls or add windows. Some of the changes we can make with Virtual Renovation include: Changing wall colors and flooring, adding furniture and decor, and adding grass, landscaping, and even pools!
  • Legal. When showing off virtually renovated photos, agents should disclose that the renderings are edited photos and are for artistic/demonstrative purposes only.