Virtual Twilight

Virtual Twilight Virtual Twilight

Daylight To Dusk Without The Fuss

Making Every Hour Magic Hour

Virtual twilight is a digital photography enhancement technique that allows properties to appear to be photographed at dawn or dusk, with all of the soft, exquisite lighting advantages that come with it. You’ll always have the perfect magic-hour photographs to complement your listings

Virtual twilight is very affordable vs. traditional twilight shoots which can cost anywhere from $125 – $275 per listing. The warmth and welcoming appeal of twilight photos really set off a glamorous, stylish vibe attracting more views online, ultimately creating an emotional connection for buyers. Check out these before/afters and you’ll see just how alluring twilight can truly be!


Virtual twilight photos can be taken at any time during the day, so an inconvenient late-day (or early-morning) photography session is not required.

Cost Effective

If you only need a few twilight photos then this is an affordable option that will save you money. No need to book an additional shoot.

A Powerful Digital Marketing Tool

With the vast majority of home searches beginning online, displaying visually-compelling listings is crucial to attract and retain the interest of buyers. Virtual twilight allows you to showcase homes their highest potential.

Expand Your Audience

Virtual twilight photography extends your listings to a broader audience by adding more image options to showcase your properties.

How Does The Process Work?

  • Choose The Photos You Want Edited. We photograph your listing like we normally would. You will then be able to choose photos of the shots you want for a virtual twilight edit from your regular photography session.
  • Virtual Twilight Application. Talented artists and photo editors digitally apply twilight lighting to the pictures, seamlessly turning daytime images into magic-hour real estate photographs.
  • Finalization and Delivery. The photos are retouched once more for optimal clarity and beauty. Once the process is completed we will send you a digital download with all your photos ready to be used for marketing materials. Please allow 2 days for the creation of your virtual twilight images.
  • Legal.  When showing off virtually renovated photos, agents should disclose that the renderings are edited photos and are for artistic/demonstrative purposes only.